The un-official answer

to the multiple choice question is...

“e” all of the above!


The Amazing Rocket

What-Who are the Bumwads???


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October > Fis-kum-ba-yah’s Fall Fest


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November > F’s Fall Fest

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Life’s Lessons via Cribbage

February > Shawroot’s Office

April > Rocket Poker

May > Fishing Opener

August > The Bemidji Retreat Center

October > The Fall Fest

What in the world is going on with this Wad?

a > His fame has caused him to have to go incognito when in public.

b > He is in the witness protection program.

c > He really doesn’t know any better.

d > He dressed in character for the 1985 Farm Fest Tractor Pull even though no one else in the audience did.

e > All of the above

see below for answer

Corbu (1887-1965) - The Original Bumwad!

He even predates Ralph, our Grand Poobah!

The “root” of Bumwad goes back to our mentor Corbu.  He exemplifies the Rapson saying “if it looks good, it is good.”  At first glance, one might mistake him for Vesely working in thesis studio.  Corbu has a nasty broomball scar... it shows that he and we are one together!

Our Best Athletes Win City Tournament

We don’t remember many details (what year, name of award, etc.) of the great feat, however, here are a few things to ponder. Of the 11 member team, only four were “Real” Bumwads. When the brooms lost their bristles and became clubs, many sensible Wads dropped out to allow room for “ringers.” We needed seven ringers or “unreal” Wads to ensure that we would finally win at least one tournament in our lifetime. Congratulations to all of us, even the bench warmers that sat out so that we could have better players represent us!

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