The Bemidji Retreat Center

It’s as comfortable as a favorite old shoe!

For previous visits see 2002 & 2008

2016 Events

Mags had a hand in this picture but it is was actually taken by Fisk



This was the first event of the year. As one can see, the only Packer fan boldly displays his team colors while Vikings fans are much more humble and averse about bragging.

Life’s Lessons can be taught over a Cribbage Board

1.Come to the table with Joy

•Reflect on just how important those card games are.

2.Count the cards carefully

•Every Point counts. Be resourceful and frugal.

3.One point or two

•Sometimes it’s the slow and steady movement down the

board that gets you ahead.

4.Take time to sit down with family and friends

•Time spent together is a bond that lasts forever

   5.Laugh when you get skunked

•Because that is all you can do. Then shuffle the cards and start again.

Life’s Lessons were submitted by Mr Grant as he reminisced over all the Bumwads’ Cribbage games of the past.

Some of Life’s other Lessons can be learned the hard way... while playing poker and/or golf!

Shawroot’s Office

Like all great architects, Shawroot dresses in all black, but unlike

the other guys, no two of

his designs are alike.

> The Retreat Center                            > Rocket Poker

> Shawroot’s Office      > Fishing Opener          > Poker @ RR’s

> Life’s Lessons via Cribbage        > The Fall Fest

Rocket Poker

We played long enough so that everyone could be a winner at least once during the evening! We feasted on Rocket’s delights and drank enough so that at least one Wad couldn’t hold his head up! Good times...good times!!!

Fishing Opener

Comment from an eyewitness, "Beautiful overcast morning, 62 degrees, left dock at 5:00 am, off the lake by 9:30 am, the fishing was great, the beer was cold and the peanuts were crunchy. Experience was priceless."

Comment from the editor, “Looks to me like the same fish was passed back and forth to be photographed many times. I thought Walleyes had eyes that were more foggy than that fish, and had smaller mouths”

Poker @ RR’s

Included the bonus of viewing a simultaneous Vikes vs Packer’s game

This was the third year being invited to this Retreat Center.

As usual, golf was a key event. There were three teams of three. Team B beat teams C and A, but the results were contested because Team B teed off from the gold tees rather than the white. It’s all a mute point of contention now because nobody remembers who was on whose team!

JL with stunning chip onto the 18th! Why do we seem surprised?

TV draining a putt while being closely supervised.

One for the record:

Shawroot chipping like a pro... at least for one shot during the round!

The Fall Fest

New venue... same good friends!

...and one new friendship was made!